Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Special Birthday Present (Jan. 17, 2009)

Today (17 January) is wan's birthday... Right after midnite, little prince and princess were sang a birthday song to 'wan' tru atok's mobile... Can hear clearly how happy wan's voice even without any loud speaker...

For 'wan', 'kepulangan anak tersayang' exactly on her birthday is the most special birthday present in her life ever....

A big celebration (for along's 'comeback' and mak's birthday) was held on January 17th late evening at Hassan Ong Restaurant, Kota Tinggi (one of our favourite place-to-eat and been missing the marvelous food for almost 3 years!!!)

atok ayah n nenek simah

fatimah, makngah n maklang

wan timah n maklang

wan lela n wan siti

mummy, makandak and the little chubby princess


  1. kak laily..restoran Hassan Ong..sblm dtg UK, zul suka makan kat situ..kalau kluar mkn kat kota tinggi, mesti makan kat situ...miss nyer nak mkn2 sedap camtu..hehehe

  2. hehehe sabar wan... bulan 5 or 6 nanti, jgn lupa balik johor tau.. leh kita makan2 kat hassan ong!!... kami tungguuuuuuuuu....