Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

hari ni banyak dpt sms dr kawan2 wishing happy mothers' day...

antara bait bait indah yg buat aku sbg seorang ibu pun boleh terpesona..
A mum is a rose whose petals are soft
A mum is a lily whose stem is tall and strong
A mum is a person you should love forever
Trust her believe her & never doubt her
Nobody & no one else will sacrifice anything for you
except your beloved mum

thanks friends... you are pretty good too!!!

gifts and wishes for our lovely mum... adik Una as a anak bongsu given a chance to deliver the gifts to Mak...

Eh! utk mummy pun ada!!... Many thanks my sweetheart!!... i luv u all so much!!!

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